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Partners in Technology

From time to time it becomes necessary to think outside the box; to broaden the view and scope of the project at hand. When doing this it helps to have a list of partners in technology to draw upon to enhance, direct, and at times reconstruct projects to achieve the desired outcome.

CFL Systems

  • CFL Systems, Inc. was founded with a passion for consumer technology and a lot of enthusiasm. We started by building computer systems for private and business use by giving our customers the opportunity to have a built-to-order system according to their needs and specific requirements. With close to 20 years in the IT industry we are experienced not only how to build and administer computer/network systems but also how to code and customize desktop and web based applications.


  • Jersey Shore Web Design a creative website development firm, serving small to medium-sized business clients all over the world. Specializing in networks and server administration.


  • Creative Development (DBA Qualiteam) started in 2000 as a group of 3 students who believed they could make the best shopping cart in the world. It was not an easy quest and since 2000, after launching one of the worlds first open source shopping carts, have grown to a group of companies employing over 120 highly qualified engineers. Qualiteams current products Include X-Cart (introduced in 2001), LiteCommerce (introduced in 2003) and Ecwid (introduced in 2009). Qualiteam's e-commerce software is used by thousands of on-line merchants in more than 100 countries all over the world. In 2006 our quality management system was certified to match ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. In 2008 a special projects department was launched to provide general purpose PHP and Java outsourcing services. Siemens was one of their first clients in this market. The mission of Qualiteam is to make the Internet convenient and productive business environment for you, your customers and customers of your customers. And that's precisely what they do.